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PPC Ad Extensions


Use Ad Extensions for Better Conversions

Ad extensions are additional pieces of information about your law firm,  like your phone number or a link to a specific page on your website.  Including Ad Extensions can improve the visibility of your law firm’s  PPC ads and improve your lead conversions.

Ad  Extensions enable law firms to build more informative ads to attract  customers across PCs, tablets and mobile devices. The advantage of Ad  Extensions is that they add lines of descriptive text and enable larger  headlines.

Keyword Strategy: Ad Extensions 

· Ad Extensions will expand your ad with additional information about your law firm.
· Ad Extensions require a manual set-up in most cases.
· Ad Extensions typically increase an ad’s click-through-rate by several percentage points.
· Ad Extensions can give your law firm ad greater visibility and prominence on the search results page.
·  Ad Extensions can increase your total number of clicks and can give  people additional, interactive ways of reaching your law firm with maps  or calls.

Bing Ad Extensions

· Sitelink Extensions
· Enhanced Sitelinks.
· Location Extensions
· Call Extensions
· Callout Extensions
· Review Extensions
· Structured Snippet Extensions
· App Extensions

Google Ad Extensions

· Location Extensions
· Affiliate location Extensions
· Callout Extensions
· Call Extensions
· Message Extensions
· Sitelink Extensions
· Callout Extensions
· Structured Snippet Extensions
· Price Extensions
· Review Extensions
· App Extensions

Ad Scheduling Extensions

Targeting users when they are most likely to take action is called Ad Scheduling.  Successful PPC management is all about proper targeting.

The potential audience for a PPC ad is huge and want to zero in on the  right people who are ready to take action when hey see your ad.

Keyword Strategy: Ad Scheduling

If your Law Firm website has stats that confirm that visitors convert higher (or  don’t convert) at certain times of the day, you can either pause your  campaigns or lower keyword bids during that time.

Ad  Scheduling can save you money by not bidding higher when visitors  aren’t searching and can automatically
increase bids when visitors are  most likely to click and convert.

· Create unique campaigns for each time zone to be 100% accurate.
· Ad Scheduling settings will be based on your account’s time zone setting.
· Ad Scheduling is set at the campaign level.
· All ad groups under that campaign will be governed by those rules.
· Campaigns can be paused or bids raised/lowered in 15-minute blocks of time.
· Bid changes are set as a percentage with Ad Scheduling.
· You set amount you are willing to pay X% more or Y% less for clicks in specified time range.
· Ad Scheduling settings can be copied and pasted to other campaigns.

Using real search data is the only way to accurately use PPC Ad Scheduling.

Ad Conversion Tracking

Both  Google and Bing provide special conversion code enabling advertisers to  implement conversion tracking. 
Conversion Ad Tracking scan be set up on  case form submissions and phone calls.

Conversion Ad Tracking allows law firms to see which keywords, which days, and which times of day they are getting conversion.

Keyword Strategy: Ad Conversion Tracking

Some PPC ad studies show that as much as 40% of ad conversions are something other than sales leads. 

Take the time to cut down your cost per ad  conversion cost. The money you save will allow you get your law firm  more targeted clicks.

Law Firm PPC Keyword Marketing Extensions

Remarketing Ad Strategy

Remarketing  ads enable you to bring previous visitors to your law firms website back to your site. People who have already visited your site are shown your law firms ads as they look through other websites on the internet.

Example, with Remarketing Ads you could create an audience around first time buyers that targets viewers of pages with law firm in the URL. Visitors will then see custom messages on other sites about your law firm.

Rotating Ads Evenly

Ad rotation is the way your ads are delivered on both the Search Networks and the Display Networks.

Use the ad rotation setting to specify how often you’d like the ads in your ad group to be served relative to one another.

If  you have multiple ads within an ad group, your ads will rotate because  no more than 1 ad from your account can show at a time.

The  Rotating Ads Evenly setting delivers your ads more evenly into the PPC  ad auction. Rotating Ads Evenly allows ads with lower click-through  rates and conversion rates to show more often.

PPC Mobile Ad Bidding

Mobile  voice-related searches are 3X more likely to be a local-based search  than a text-based search. (Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2016)

Studies show that roughly 40% of mobile searches are looking for local info.

Studies  show that 70% conversions with mobile search happen within 5 hours,  while conversions with desktop search can take a number of weeks to  happen.

By 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users worldwide.

Advantages of Mobile Ad Bidding Strategies

Mobile campaigns typically produce a higher click-through rate than tablet or desktop.

The cost per click for mobile bidding is typically less than desktop.

Mobile bids should be high enough to target mobile devices in positions 1-3 for best conversions.

Mobile  studies show that 60% of users who used voice search had just started  using it in the last 12 months. (2016, conversational AI company  MindMeld surveyed smartphone users in the US.).

Mobil  search is on the rise and worth having your law firm spend some of its  monthly budget identifying mobile PCC conversion costs..

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