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PPC Keyword Types


Exact Match Keywords?

Exact Match Keywords allows Law Firms to reach prospects searching only for the specific Legal keywords you’re bidding on.

Bidding on Exact Match keywords allows your Law Firm to keep tight control over your advertising spend, giving you a better ROI on your PPC ad investment.

Phrase Match Keywords

Phrase Match is a highway that contains all your keywords, in order, and may include other words before or after your keywords.

If your keywords are “injury law firm in St Louis” a potential client has to type in those exact words for your ad to show up but may also include, “injury law firm in St Louis Missouri” or “local injury law firm in St Louis”.

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Broad Match Keywords

Studies on Broad Match Keywords show that they can give businesses 70% more clicks and 56% more conversions.

Broad Match Keywords mean that any keyword in your search string; “California > injury > law firm” will trigger your law firms ad. This means that the word, “California” will also trigger your ad. You may get a clicks from the words, “California” and “law firms”.

Good, if you are a law office that handles injury lawsuits in California.

Bad, if you are a law firm and the searcher is just looking for info about California laws.

The key to Broad Match Keyword strategies is to keep your bids lower than Phrase Match and Exact Match.

Broad Match Keywords without filters can be best summed up with the words of John Wanamaker (1838-1922) American Merchant, “I know that half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; but I can never find out which half.”

What are "+" Broad Match Modifier Keywords?

Broad match modifiers only work when they’re used with broad match keywords. To increase clicks and conversion rates that can result from phrase or exact match keywords, try creating a separate ad group, and adding the corresponding modified broad match keyword for each phrase or exact match keyword.

Exact Keyword Phrase Modified Broad Match Equivalent

"buy blue suede shoes"
"purchase blue suede shoes"
"shop suede shoes"
+buy +blue +suede +shoes
+purchase +blue +suede +shoes
+shop +suede +shoes
"blue suede shoes"
"suede blue shoes"
"suede shoes blue"
+blue +suede +shoes"

Why Use "+" Brodmatch Modifer Keywords

Broad match modifier lets you create keywords that reach more people than phrase match and give you more control than broad match.

Misspelled Keywords

Misspelled keywords can be a great opportunity to get some low-cost traffic. People are often hurriedly typing in their search query while multitasking.

Years ago, when newspaper ads were king, newspaper columnists would try to aim their writing to 8th grade 6 month level. This is very evident to anyone who who looks at any real estate website's older server logs. 

There is plenty of opportunity with misspelled keyword campaigns to expand the ease of which potential clients can find your website.

Keyword Strategy: Misspelled Keywords


Try building a typo ad group and compare with other keyword ad groups. Include:

· Misspellings Singular
· Misspellings plural forms
· Acronyms
· Abbreviations

Misspelled Keywords Study Snickers Candy Bar

Recently, Snickers got 558,589 ad impressions on those advertisements. The campaign ran successfully in the United Kingdom for three days until the company felt there is great potential to expand this type of campaign on a larger scale. Click-through-rate was an impressive 1.05 percent, bringing in 5,874 visitors to their specially branded website.

Snickers Misspelling Search Keyword Campaign Reached 50K People In 3 Days

What Are PPC Negative Keywords?

The use of PPC Negative Keywords is an easy way to avoid unqualified traffic that drive up your cost per-clicks. 

Negative Keywords are used to prevent your ads from being shown when the search terms contain any Negative Keywords in your uploaded list. 

Negative Keywords will prevent your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. Your ads are not shown to anyone who is searching for that phrase. 

Example 1: If you add “free” as a Negative Keyword to your campaign or ad group, your ad for any search containing the term “free” will not be shown.


Example 2:  If you are a blue lawyer and you want to add orange, green, black, etc, as Negative Keywords. This way your ad will not be shown for any of  those other colors.

Negative Keywords can have a tremendous impact on significantly reducing your number of clicks and poor-quality leads.

Keyword Tip: Negative Keywords

If you have campaigns running with Broad Match, the use of Negative Keywords will lower your PPC costs. In most cases quite significantly.  

You can build a quick list of Negative Keywords for law firm by looking at your searched keyword reports. When you see a search term that is irrelevant add it to your Negative Keyword list.  

Once you have created a Negative Keyword list, you can apply it to several campaigns across the board.

PPC Keyword Management Checklist


PPC Admin Checklist

PPC advertising for law firms can seem like a puzzle sometimes. The only way to get real results is to adjust your campaign until you get a steady flow of leads at a cost per conversion that makes sense for your business.

Legal PPC Keyword Campaign Checklist

Applying PPC strategies is very much like applying strategies onto a game board. Keep practicing these strategies until you get it right.

Daily PPC Checklist

· Check budgets daily
· Check your bids
· Check bid strategy
· Checking ad spending
· Check conversion rates
· Check click-through rates
· Check cost changes
· Pause or remove poor performing keywords
· Reviewing changes over past 3 days comparison
· Adjust bids for poor converting keywords
· Adjust bids for top performing keywords
· Check and monitoring keywords based on Ad groups
· Check and optimize keywords based on Ad groups

Monthly PPC Checklist

· Adjust bids
· Adjust keywords with low-quality scores
· Analyze performance of site links
· Analyze Quality Scores
· Check for broken site links
· Check poor visitor metrics
· Evaluate effectiveness of landing page
· Manage Display Network Networks
· Review ad positions
· Review campaign performance
· Review CTR numbers

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